Lubridate: Error

Hi, I don't know why I cannot get the Date with this method:

as.Date(str_remove_all(str_to_lower("Nov 05, 2020"), ","), format = "%b %d %y")

What is the error?

what is your issue ?
I tried your code and it works....

as.Date(str_remove_all(str_to_lower("Nov 05, 2020"), ","), format = "%b %d %y")
[1] "2020-11-05"

it doesnt involve lubridate.... but it does work !

I show me "NA"


and yet none of those codes in your image are the same as the line of code you shared in your first post

But is the same proccess.

I don't know if its relevant, but it might be a locale issue, as your error messages are not coming in english...
What happens when you do try lubridate ?

lubridate::mdy(str_remove_all(str_to_lower("Nov 05, 2020"), ","))
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It does Work!!!!!!

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