Mac OSX Mojave RStudio Compatibility

I purchased the latest 15" MacBook Pro a couple of months ago. When I upgraded to Mojave having RStudio on the machine basically killed my machine. Apple hypothesized that it was because Mojave wasn't yet compatible with RStudio.

I was curious if anyone else has had the same experience? Basically the issue was it put my machine in 100% High Performance Mode. It would drain a 10 hour battery in about an hour and cause my laptop to become extremely hot. Even if I wasn't using RStudio!

Once I downgraded back to High Sierra I have had no issues, but now Apple is promoting Mojave as a released version. Anyone else Download it since October and had no issues? Would prefer to not have to go through a factory reset again.


I use RStudio every day for hours on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014), and have been using Mojave ever since Mojave was released. I haven't noticed any problems yet. So I don't think that Mojave in itself is the source of your problem.

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Hi @TravisCraven! I'm interested to know: what led you to believe that it was specifically RStudio that wasn't working with Mojave? Was the high CPU or energy usage displayed by RStudio or by something else?

There are a few reasons why high usage might occur immediately following a major macOS upgrade. You might need to give us some more details from your exchange with Apple in order to start pulling this apart :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. On a support call Apple they showed how the majority of my system resources were dedicated to RStudio. Even when I had quit the application. My machine sounded like a jet taking off.

Once I went down to High Sierra I never had a problem again.

Something else that might be helpful to know here:

Did you freshly install RStudio after buying your new laptop? Or did you transfer the installation over from an older computer? What version of RStudio were you running on Mojave, and what version are you running now?

I suspect it will ultimately be difficult to resolve this unless you’re game for upgrading your OS again and giving it another try. No patch on the Apple support person, but I wouldn’t expect any OS support staff to be familiar enough with (ultimately rather esoteric) software like RStudio to be able to help much beyond “this application here is having a problem”.

But if you can figure out how to recreate the problem and run RStudio’s diagnostic tools while it’s happening, it’s possible RStudio folks here might be able to see what’s going wrong. If there is an identifiable bug, figuring that out would be helpful for everyone.

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Yeah it was a fresh install on the new laptop. No transfer of anything in either the original install or when I reinstalled on High Sierra. In either cases it was the latest version available the beginning of October. If there has been a new version of RStudio since then I haven’t tried.

I was basically going to wait until I got confirmation no one else was having this issue or I saw there was a new version of RStudio.

Thanks everyone for the input.

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You might also try using the preview release of RStudio, just in case you have better luck with the v1.2 branch of RStudio.

I upgraded to Mojave a few days ago on a 2015 MacBook Air and I’m not having any trouble using the most recent RStudio Preview release @kevinushey linked to.

Thanks everyone who responded. I am not convinced the older macs are inmpacted. It seemed like just the most recent ones were susceptible to the heat issue.

My recollection was that when they first came out people claimed the latest MacBook Pros were throttling not taking advantage of its peak power. Then they built a “fix”. Well I was getting all the performance ok alright. It just seemed like something was happening where RStudio and Mojave weren’t in sync. As a result it was maxing out the performance killing the battery in less than an hour and turning my Mac to an oven. Again this was happening even when I stopped using R Studio.

Once I am through my college courses in a couple of weeks I will try Mojave again. Hopefully things are better now.

Thanks again


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