Magic number error

I'm in college and I use the free version of R/RStudio for my classes. My professors have never seen this error which is copied and pasted here: Warning: file ‘CAMP_3280_1.CSV’ has magic number 'TX,TG' Use of save versions prior to 2 is deprecated Error in load("C:/Users/olape/Downloads/IPHY3280/Lab Assessment 1/data/CAMP_3280_1.CSV") : bad restore file magic number (file may be corrupted) -- no data loaded

It's from an old lab and this particular data set has worked previously. This just recently started happening on both my laptop and desktop. We learned to import all our data sets with load() or manually from the environment clicking on the left most icon that is a tan manila folder with a green arrow which is what I do. I have to use R for my final and still have two labs to do so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you share the CSV file?

I think there are a few ways to trigger this warning message, and inspecting the csv would be an easy way to troubleshoot.

Is it a a true csv, a comma separated values file that is plain text and viewable in the script/code pain, or in a text editor ? if so using load() is a mistake, load is for R objects, which the csv is not. for a csv, read.csv() is appropriate.

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