maintenance of "Hands-on Programming with R" GitHub repository

TL;DR: Does anybody still maintain the GitHub repository of the "Hands-on Programming with R" book. There are lots of little pull requests with fixes that have been open for long times, but would probably only take a minute or two each to review and merge. This would further improve this great resource for everyone using it.

I recently used the Hands-on Programming with R online book to teach the basics of R. It's a great resource for self-paced learning, but participants were a bit annoyed that the solutions to all the exercises were immediately visible. So I suggested a pull request in March to make all the solution code chunks folded initially, with the option to unfold them. Alongside this pull request, there are a great number of other fixes that should be easy to review and merge. However, there's no reaction to date on GitHub, and pinging posit on Twitter and via eMail also didn't yield any response. Any suggestions whom to ping and how to ping them?

If I were in your position, I would reach out to the author of the book in question.

I did try that via Twitter. But yeah, maybe there's another way of contacting him.

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