Make new column based on part of text


In R I want to make a new based on text with numbers. But I want to do this based on a specific part of the text.

For example when the text is like

  • search | Location | Value
  • search | Radius | Value

I want to make a new column with value 0 for every part of text which contains location.

I know that I can code this in columns with
ffclean$Campaign2[ffclean$Campaign=="Search | location| value"]<-0

But does somebody know how to code this when you only looking for the word location?

You might use str_detect to detect a string or strsplit to divide the three components into their own columns.

str_detect(text, "Location")`
strsplit(text, " | ") %>% map(matrix, nrow = 1) %>% map_dfr(as_tibble, .name_repair = "unique")
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Thnx for your help!

This is not working for me.
Do you know if there is a function that says if the column Campaign contains "location" give value 0 in column campaigns2?

As a beginner to R you may benefit from studying this useful book.
Particularly chapter 5

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