Manipulating a collapsible tree in shiny

Hi everyone!

I am making a shiny app and I would like to change the way the tree is collapsed according to the choice of the user in a picker input.

In other words, the same thing that happens when you click the tree - I would like to do that with a shiny input.

Any ideas?


Verbes <- data.frame(
  Verbes = c('Etre', 'Avoir', '-ER', '-ER', '-ER', 'IR', 'IR', 'IR'),
  sg1 = c(NA, NA, 'Manger' , 'Dancer', 'Parler', '-TIR', '-TIR','-OIR'),
  sg2 = c(NA, NA, NA,  NA, NA,  'PARTIR', 'SORTIR','BOIRE')

ui <- fluidPage(
      "hierarchy", "Tree hierarchy",
      choices =  c('Etre', 'Avoir', 'Manger' , 'Dancer', 'Parler', 'PARTIR', 'SORTIR','BOIRE')

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  output$tree <- renderCollapsibleTree({
      Verbes ,
      hierarchy = c("Verbes", "sg1", "sg2"),
      width = 800,
      collapsed = F
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

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