Manjaro Linux trouble installing AICcmodavg and ggpubr

I'm having trouble installing AICcmodavg and ggpubr packages. I'm using Linux Manjaro XFCE and I'm still pretty new to the OS. I installed 3 other packages and everything seems to be working fine with these installations. However, I can't get the ggpubr and AICcmodavg packages to work. I get the [Error in library("AICcmodavg") : There is no package called 'AICcmodavg'] same with the ggpubr package.

You are missing the gfortran compiler in your system, I'm not a Manjaro user but I think you can install it with this command on a system terminal (not the R console).

pamac install gcc-fortran
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Thank you very much!

That was the problem, I was able to install AICcmodavg and ggpubr packages.

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