> map(india) Error in map(india) : could not find function "map"

I'm trying to work on certain exercises on world map and countries , states..etc., to have plots.
Connected to world data base to retrieve the maps information.
I've installed maps, mapproj, rnaturalearth, rnaturalearthhires to run my exercises in R studio app
However, I'm experiencing various errors like

map(database = "world") for this I see the warning message as " no symbol named 'map' in scope"

Like wise when I run the following code

india<- ne_states(country="india")
Error in map(india) : could not find function "map" I receive the error.
I've tried both "india" and "India" both are giving errors.
Any suggestions and corrections will be a great help.


I would guess that you are not loading your libraries into your session by use of the library() function

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