Markdown editor keyboard shortcuts

When writing (R) Markdown in the source pane it would be nice to be able to highlight text and do things like Ctrl+b to make it bold or Ctrl+k to insert a link (a feature of Discourse I commonly use, even in this here question!).

I've seen others ask if this is possible elsewhere and not get an answer:

I could not find this feature request on the RStudio GitHub issue tracker, so I'll wait to see if this forum turns up any leads on how to make this happen before filing the request over there.

Check out remedy, an RStudio Add-in that provides a whole bunch of Markdown formatting commands that can be assigned keyboard shortcuts:

Add-ins are basically the current way to extend RStudio for this type of task (doing things with the active selection/cursor position in the editor). They can do lots of other neat stuff, too!


Sure, I use Remedy. Their urlr function does not have the same behavior as the "insert link" function in nearly every other text editor, and I find it difficult to reason about the scoping of keyboard shortcuts to the Editor vs. Addins.

To perhaps make my request more specific: RStudio should have default keyboard shortcuts scoped to the editor to perform common rich text editing tasks like inserting a link.

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