Markdown entries disappearing in student files

Hi! I'm running into a strange issue in RStudio Cloud using it for teaching. I created an assignment at:

The students are meant to fill in parts of a markdown document I've created. In a few cases, the students work has disappeared in the markdown file. I can see that that did calculation in the Console that should correspond to having run code in the markdown document but their actual code and answers have disappeared. Is there any way to recover their work via some kind of history?

Do you happen to know when the students' copies of the assignments were created? Or if the students who had the trouble were using a particular browser? We have had reports of some issues with RMarkdown that we think may be tied to using IE 11 browser for a particular period of time.

It would have been the week of April 6 -10, likely the students worked on the 9th and 10th. One student told me she was switching between Chrome and Safari while working, and I was working in Chrome when I wrote it. I haven't heard from other students about what browsers they were using yet.

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