Markdown from Result Data

I want to output my results from my RCode. Currently, after the analysis, this creates 3 new CSV Files that I want to use to create monthly reports. Would it be better to;

A) When outputting the 3 CSV Reports, It also creates a markdown file -- How do I do create a markdown file inside of R Code? Is that even possible?

B) Current Method: Create a new Markdown Script in R and it just pulls the 3 CSV Files from the directory to create my reports -- This involves 2 processes but I am wondering what is the more logical and sensible approach.

Is your monthly report always the same layout with the the data updated using the 3 new CSV file ?

If so, I would looked into parametrized report

You would have one Rmd source with parameters (like your new CSV file path ?) and you could render this document to a new report every month by passing the new parameter.

This would be one of the way to achieve this I guess.

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