markdown html empty or missing content when shared with some (but not all) colleagues by email

Occasionally when i share an html markdown report by email other people are not able to see anything in the file. Sometimes people can see data but no figures. While sending the file from a PC I have also cc'd myself and I am able to see the file with contents on my phone as well as a mac so i suspect it is something to do with the recipients computer and or web browser. So far I've been unable to find any mention of others having similar problems or to resolve the problem with recipients.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Do you have any suggestions for settings I could change to ensure that other people are able to see my analysis?

I don't know about the specific use case and technical stuff but about R Markdown and Email, you may be interested by the blastula package

See also Custom Emails with R Markdown and Blastula - RStudio :: Solutions