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Here's a recap of some of the activity related to Marketing & Digital Analytics at rstudio::global(2021). Looking forward to continuing this conversation with you all in the Marketing & Digital Analytics Industry group here on

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Niraj Juneja to Marketing/Digital Analytics - January 21st, 9:27 AM

Is there a listing of R packages for Marketing. i.e expecting packages that have standardized approaches for Marketing Mix modelling , Customer Journey Analytics , A/B Testing , Campaign optimization

Rachael Dempsey - I came across this list!
Curious what other lists people have seen as well?

Rachael Dempsey to Marketing/Digital Analytics - January 21st, 7:48 AM

Hi all! I'm Rachael Dempsey and I work with many of our professional customers here at RStudio - and love hearing how different teams are using both R and Python. I'm curious, what's everyone's favorite package for the work that you do in the marketing / digital analytics space?

Samantha Toet - Morning Rachael! I love to use shiny and flexdashboard for visualizing buyer's journey data, and I'm also partial to mcmc for survival analysis. :blush:

Alissa - Hi, Rachel! I use a lot of Mark Edmondson's packages. Mainly googleAnalyticsR.

Bill - Samantha Toet would love seeing any samples/screenshots of your dashboards to illustrate the buyer's journey (if you are able to share)!

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Thanks for sharing the git link Rachael, its super helpful.

Of course! It's great to be connected, looking forward to growing this industry group here with many more helpful links shared by the community :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Nice to see R community talking abouT marketing analytics! @rachael thanks for the sharing. From my experience I think we miss (or at least I never found) a package equivalent to Advertools that we could use for example for SEO audit using a tidy approach.

Of course we can always use reaticulate and use the same python library, but call me old fashioned, but is not the same as a proper R package.

A Wrapper around advertools would do the trick? probably! I would love to know which tools is the R community currently using for SEO audit and optimization

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Thanks for joining Pedro! I'll ask around to the team to see if they have any recommendations. I'll post on LinkedIn to get more people to join in the conversation here too :slight_smile:


Sharing a bit of the feedback I received on LinkedIn:

@MarkeD mentioned that he has searchConsoleR that gets data from Google, and that Vincent Terrasi and Leszek Siemiński also have some work in this area

Leszek shared that he's created googleSuggestQueriesR, {RAhrefs} for for Ahrefs API integration (SEO, backlinks), {screamingFrogR} for Screaming Frog SEO Crawler automation via CLI and {pagespeedParseR} for Google PageSpeed API integration. He mentioned the two latter would need some refresh and said feel free to check his GitHub:

Joey Higgins shared that he's not currently using this for SEO, but knows there are some applications of this package in that space!

Hope this helps!

Seconding the Mark E packages, those are amazing.
Another SEO package that’s out there is the ‘semrushR’ package, which allows you to pull data from their API.

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