marmap getNOAA.bathy will not connect - error out

I am trying to run marmap sample from R Documentation sample:

getNOAA.bathy(lon1=-20,lon2=-90,lat1=50,lat2=20, resolution=10) -> a
plot(a, image=TRUE, deep=-6000, shallow=0, step=1000)

system.time(getNOAA.bathy(lon1=0,lon2=10,lat1=0,lat2=10, resolution=30))

I get this error:

Querying NOAA database ...
This may take seconds to minutes, depending on grid size

Error in if (ncol(x) == 3 & !exists("bathy", inherits = FALSE)) { : **
** argument is of length zero

I have tried other people sample code - same.
Posted on github issues. NOAA people of no help. Say reinstall R studio.
I sent them by system info - still nothing. The NOAA server cannot be reached · Issue #16 · ericpante/marmap · GitHub

Thought about using DBI but could not connect. Anyone have any ideas?? Real frustrated, I would like to use their data.

Hi @donojazz,
I could not get marmap::getNOAA.bathy() to work even after installing the latest version from GitHub and reinstalling both the rgdal and raster packages.
I suggest you contact the marmap maintainer, or lodge an issue on GitHub.