match_atrack - Invalid annotation track NMF error


I am using the package NMF and the function consensusmap is returning this error:

Error in match_atrack(object, data) :
match_atrack - Invalid annotation track [71.1215703392946, 128.773146296147, ..., 1058300.82024376]: more elements [1000] than rows in data [23].
Calls: consensusmap ... sapply -> lapply -> FUN -> FUN -> .local -> match_atrack
Ejecución interrumpida

In this page it is suggested to change the version of the package stringr for an older one, I did it but then I get an error saying that MNF requires stringr > 1.0.0.

the same error is produced when using stringr versions 1.1.0 and 1.4.0. Any suggestion?

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