max row and difference in answer

hi all, I'm new and just learning how to use rstudio
I'm trying to understand something
let say, when I want to know "what car has the highest horsepower (hp)? using mtcars dataset in rstudio
then I run


[1] 335 comes out for the answer

then I do compare it to something a bit different
I run




[1] 472 comes out for the answer
why is that different?
and for "what car has the highest horsepower (hp)", how can I get maserati bora or the full detailed row of maserati bora as an answer? instead 335 as the highest hp on mtcars


The function max is not a tidyverse function so, to be honest, I am not sure what it actually does when you use it like that. You should use max inside a tidyverse function, such as filter:

mtcars %>% 
       filter(hp == max(hp))

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