Maxent ENMeval kfolds

I am currently trying to make a biosfile prior to running maxent but keep getting faced with this error: I wonder if anyone has faced this issue before and fixed it please?

bg <- xyFromCell(dens.ras2speciesocc, sample(which(!, 1)))), 10000, prob=values(dens.ras2speciesocc)[!, 1)))])) #this runs fine and then:

enmeval_resultsspeciesocc <- ENMevaluate(speciesocc, env, method= "randomkfold", kfolds = 10, algorithm='maxent.jar', bg.coords = bg) #which returns this error:

'Error in ENMevaluate(speciesocc, env, method = "randomkfold", kfolds = 10, : unused argument (kfolds = 10)'

Does anyone have any idea why please? thank you,


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