Maximization problem in Python

Hello everyone.

Any idea of a method with Python to maximize an industrial production process? I have data on the operating conditions of a machine. The dataset has 10 features and 2 targets, all data is numeric. I need to know the ideal values of the 10 features , taking into account the restrictions of the values that each one can take (ranges). My objective is to obtain the maximum value of the 2 response variables to optimize the industrial process. Thank you very much for your help.

at a minimum you will need to decide on a scoring function that can take in the two Target values and give a single score, doing this will require contextual knowledge.
i.e. think about if you could boost one Target but only at the expense of the other Target, would you choose to do so ?

If I choose to do so, I have contextual knowledge of the process. In this case, it is possible to choose the maximization of a single target and keep all 10 features. With what function or library could I do it?

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