Maximize or minimize a pane vertically

Five years after this question has been asked (Keyboard shortcut maximize/minimize panes (not zooming)), there seems to be still no answer.

Is there a command/shortcut to maximize/minimize a pane without zooming it in all the way? There is a button in the GUI for this.

After "inspecting the element" in the GUI, I discovered the names of the commands that these buttons are associated with. They are "Maximize Console" and "Restore Console" for the console pane and "Maximize TabSet2" and "Restore TabSet2" for the Tab Set. Interestingly, there is a command you can access through the palette called "Maximize Console," hence you can map it to a hotkey. Unfortunately, there is no complement command "Restore Console," which is weird. Likewise, no commands seem to be accessible for the Tab Set. If anyone knows how to access those commands, I would appreciate your help.

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Update: see Feature request: option to assign a shortcut to toggle panes maximization (NOT zoom) · Issue #7022 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub