MCMCchains not available for R version 4.0.0

I am using RJAGS via RStudio using R Version 4.0.0.

I want to compute functions of coda samples.

I thought I could use package MCMC chains:

ex <- MCMCchains(codasamples,params=c("lambda","theta"))

However, I cannot install the package because I'm told:

package ‘MCMCchains’ is not available (for R version 4.0.0)

Can someone suggest how I can manipulate the output generated by RJAGS?

You may first consider trying to build the package from source since the binary may not be available on CRAN. Trying building/installing the package by running this:

# I think this is the package you want...


I tried that but it still complains - funny thing it that I'm sure it worked until today.

Not sure how to work with the samples otherwise.

What is the error? You may also consider filing an issue over at GitHub to let the maintainer know you are having installation issues.

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