Mean of repeated loops in a time series

In this dataframe, Temperature column is a random number.
How can I get the average temperature after 10 loops?

df <- data.frame(
  Date = as.Date(c("2011-01-01", "2011-09-23", "2012-11-15", "2013-05-11",
  Temperature = rnorm(5, mean=5, sd=2)

I am expecting like this

        Date   Temperature  avg.Temperature after 10 loops
1 2012-01-01    3.179709          x
2 2013-09-23    3.839912          x
3 2014-11-15    4.900131          x
4 2014-05-11    6.218348          x
5 2015-03-27    2.122353          x


What do you mean by "after 10 loops"? Do you want the the average of the previous 10 Temperature observations?

I want to create the temperature 10 times and eventually show the output of mean of its different date/rows.

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