Meetup recording: Methods for Working in Teams and Organizing Code

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Methods for Working in Teams and Organizing Code
Presented by Ezra Tucker

How best to work with other data scientists in a team to organize and structure code? S4 classes in R give structure to your data and help you organize your methods. They also help signal to your team members proper use of the data structures you define and what methods are available, in essence, how to use your code properly, and also, how to add to it or modify it later on.

In this talk, we will empower ourselves by reminding ourselves that data scientists are a particular class of programmers (distinct from those who create PC/console games, those who create mobile apps, those who create websites, etc) but programmers all the same. Then we will briefly discuss the benefits of code encapsulation, especially with respect to packages and S4 classes while touching briefly on other OOP systems in R. We will discuss when and how to implement them, and how to structure your code base in a clean, effective, and consistent manner so that it's clear and easy to understand for your teammates and to yourself.

Ezra Tucker is the Director of Data Science at Energetic Insurance

Energetic Insurance is a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) with a novel, data-driven approach to develop new risk management products to unlock exponential growth in the renewable energy industry

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