Memory usage in R

Hi all,

I just opened my Rstudio(no objects or libraries are loaded) and checked my memory usage, the memory usage R is taking is around 460MB. Why so? Can anyone help me understand this


Hello @vinayprakash808 ,

you have started RStudio and that will have loaded R and both will take storage if only to load the code just as Chrome needs storage. R has some base packages so some objects and libraries will always be loaded.
I can not answer your question why it takes 460 MB to load the four RStudio subtasks in your case.

Do you automatically restore your workspace on opening ?

@nirgrahamuk . You mean are there any saved objects on opening

Im asking about your project and general settings with respect to workspace and whether they are set to save on exit and restore on startup. This can result in objects on opening, so if you have objects on opening that would be why.

No they will not save on exit. All objects are removed once we quit and when we open it again, no objects are loaded

back to your Task Manager. press the side arrow next to Rstudio(4) and see the 4 items under it in the list and their values... what are they please ?

Now it got reduced to only 2


Yes, and the total memory reduced.
Qt WebEngine I think is related to the Rstudio IDE
The second one is your Rstudio session, I think it shows you have loaded a project called Java_practice. It doesnt seem to be using much memory, only 70Mb

Thanks for the clarification

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