Memory when running R shiny applications

Hi Team,

I see/heard that, lots of memory is consumed in R shiny applications (while running) . Just what to check if this true.

I saw see that Python(Flask) takes low memory? Not sure which is true

Any experts here please guide me here


it depends on your code.
In computing there is no free lunch, so there are tradeoffs to be made between memory/compute time etc. ; One has the option of focusing towards memory optimisation and do quite well with R shiny.

I've recently had an experience myself of developing an App without having had memory as a partular concern, and now having to rearchitect parts to be more memory efficient.

Great. Can I have any material if any on memory optimisation in shiny?

understanding that R's memory model is copy on modify
discussion of general R performance issues
discussion of performance in the shiny book

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