Merge ID with food but only matching values

Hi there,
I want to merge two dataframes in R studio but only by matching values. The 1st df have 1848 observations, while the other one have 1912 observations. See attatched file for the dataframes. The problem is that when I run my code:

mergetotal <- merge(mhdds55unik1, mhdds55unik3, by=c("hhid","Fødevare"), all=FALSE) gives me 1912 observations, while I only want the 1848 observations.
Rkoder.pdf (165.7 KB)

What am i doing wrong?

Dplyr’s inner_join() does what you want: Join two tbls together — join • dplyr

test for uniqueness of the ids in both frames, you might find the number are elevated due to duplicates

Thank you - there was 44 duplicated. I used this code to see which ones:

mhdds55fdvid1 <- merge(mhdds55fdv, IDIC1111, by="hhid", all=FALSE)
mhdds55fdvid2 <- mhdds55fdvid1 %>% distinct(hhid, .keep_all = TRUE)

How do I extract mhdds55fdvid2 from mhdds55fdvid1?

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