Merging data frames add no matches at the end of the column

I'm quite at the beginning with R and I'm dealing with the following issue:

I'm merging two data frames with the left outer join. I'm having in df1 (y) values they do not exist in dflb5 (x). I want to add the not existing at the end of dflb5 (x).

df1.1<-df1.1[order(df1.1$id), ]
> str(dflb5)
'data.frame':	1881 obs. of  4 variables:
 $ id       : int  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...
 $ Position : chr  "01.0101" "01.0102A" "01.0102B" "01.0103" ...
 $ Stichwort: chr  "Detailentwurf" "Instandsetzungsentw. mit Statik*" "Instandsetzungsentw. ohne Statik*" "Standsicherheitsnachweis*" ...
 $ Einheit  : chr  "PA" "PA" "PA" "PA" ...

> str(df1)
'data.frame':	83 obs. of  3 variables:
 $ Position : chr  "01.0401  Z" "02.0101A" "02.0201A" "02.0401A" ...
 $ Stichwort: chr  "Grundlegende Charakt. gem. DVO" "Einrichten der Baustelle" "Zeitgebundene Kosten Bauzeit PA" "Räumen der Baustelle" ...
 $ Preis    : num  820 14200 21400 1210 22.2 ...

thank you for your help

you say left join, but if your missing values data is x and your larger data is y, it would be a right join.

no x is the large one..there are just a few in y wich are not in x

maybe, but its not what you wrote above.
Your example shows 4 unique values of position for both sets.
better for you to use


paste these as your examples.
use backticks to format what comes below as code

my code

thank for your kind help, i found a nother way