Merging Dataframes - issue with date format

Hey guys,

I'm relatively new to R and am doing a project which involved "text-as-data" analysis and trying to run sentiment analysis. My basic project consists of having 12 data frames of scraped tweets from British politicians in tibble format (I think so anyway, as in each tweet has been broken down into unigrams)

I have created tables for the dataframes such that I have the 'date', 'user'(twitter account), and 'word'. I am trying to merge all dataframes into one large one so I can filter results from one single dataframe.

However, the date column displays as so: 2020-02-27 17:06:12, and when I try to use the rbind function like:

rbind(Conservatives, labour, lib_dems)

The date column changes for all the other merged dataframes apart from the first one to a string of numbers and not the original date format I have referenced above.

Can anyone tell me how to merge these dataframes so I have the same date format for all results once fully merged?


It's difficult to answer your question without a reprex (see the FAQ) with representative data (two tweets will do in this case).

To check whether your object is a tibble, just


To deal with the date issue, it's important to first ask whether it is the key field -- unique identifier -- for each row.

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