Merging Dataframes.

I am trying to merge 2 data frames by a common column called Player ( i.e: character).
however, not that
dim(df1) = 45 x3
dim(df2) = 596 x6
Code used: merge(df1,df2,all.x=TRUE)

After merging, output gives some NA entries. I manually cross checked in .csv file for some of the NA entries, those actually exist in both df1 & df2. Additionally, when I used dplyr filter method to cross check those players existence in df2, returned a value "0".

Any suggestions guys!?!

did you try to use this one:
merge(df1, df2, by = "ID", all.x = TRUE)

you can remove the space in player column them use the code.

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Yeah actually, that was the method I tried.

I am suspecting is it could be a space created in the players names in data frame2 which is not matching with df1 entries?? If so, is there any way to inspect and solve it?