message() command makes input lists visible inside the function


I had a weird shiny behavior in the App which I cannot explain. I suppose it somehow connected to reactivity behavior. Let me, please, describe that case:

  1. There is home_srv Shiny module (server part) which call another module called cat_srv inside
  2. On the other hand, server part of module called 'cat_srv' calls function 'create_dynamic_ui' which takes 2 lists as an input (inputType_inputId and h4_titles). Those lists are taken from json file and are being passed to home_srv first, than to cat_srv and, finally, to create_dynamic_ui function

The problem is the following: the values of those lists are visible inside home_srv and cat_srv, but NON visible inside create_dynamic_ui function. And, the "solution" I found while debugging is - to put messages with those lists before calling create_dynamic_ui function.

Unfortunately, I cannot put the code here.

Could somebody, please, give me some hints why it's happening?

Kind regards,

I think you should recheck the reactive.

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