Migrating RStudio cloud students to their own workspace.

I'm using RStudio Cloud for my teaching and have setup spaces for each of my classes. My usage of the service is such that I'm now paying for the service, which I'm happy to do because it's great.

However, I am still being charged for students accessing the workspace a few weeks after the course. How can I most easily migrate my students to their own workspace, or download all projects from a workspace to be used on the student's local machines?

As I teach more with RStudio Cloud this will become unaffordable for me in the near future. I'd appreciate any advice from the community.


The easiest thing to do - since it sounds like you want to return your students work to them - is to delete the space. You will lose access to the projects but they will be returned to the students personal workspace and usage in the projects will no longer accrue in your account.

Let me know if you run into any issues,


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Ah, that's great! Thanks Sean :grinning:

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