Missing app in via static api

I'm using the RStudio Connect API to retrieve information on some applications. My set-up is:

  • Connect v1.7.8-7
  • Static web-app (flex dashboard)
  • Application has been up for a few days. Viewable by all logged-in users
  • it has a custom URL
  • Using /__api__/v1/experimental/content/guid retrieves info on app
  • Audits logs list the guid
  • But /v1/instrumentation/content/visits does not list the application

What am I missing?

Interesting! So you are getting data back from the /v1/instrumentation/content/visits endpoint, and you just cannot find that content_guid in the responses?

If people have viewed the application, it definitely should have data there! Are you a publisher / collaborator on the content, or an admin? If you are not a collaborator, then you will not have access to see the data about the application unless you are an admin.

Related, have you seen this report? It could show some patterns to follow for retrieving data.

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I think I was being silly. I didn't check for pagination! Just assumed it was less than 500.


Awesome! Glad you figured it out! If you want to try something a little experimental, I would love feedback on this approach:

client <- connect(host = ..., api_key = ...)
all_usage <- tbl_connect(client, "content_visits") %>% collect()

# or

Should hopefully simplify the pagination at least a little bit :smile:

How do you pass arguments, each limits and date_from?

The former doesn't yet support that :grimacing: I'm still reasoning through what that would look like (filter methods, API specific helpers, etc.).

The latter does, though! The arguments to get_usage_static() should get you started. The time formatting may be a bit rough - there are definitely some rough edges :sweat_smile: Please feel free to file issues!

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