Modify Keyboard shortcuts no longer working for combination with Ctrl+Shift

Since Version 1.3.776 am I no longer able to define Ctrl+Shift+X for my addIn. Ctrl+Shift+X produces something like Ctrl+Shift+□ in the edit field and won't work afterwards.
The same happens with most other characters with Ctrl+Shift+

I can't reproduce this behavior. In case it's relevant, what keyboard layout are you using? And what operating system?

My usual keyboard layout is GermanSwiss, but I've also changed it to engl UK and the phenomenon remains.

This is, what I see, when I press Ctrl+Shift+V
System is Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.592]

Thanks; I was able to reproduce this. I've filed an issue at

On a related topic, why on Linux you can only use Ctrl+Shift+1 trough 9 but not 0 so "show all tabs" doesn't work? I had to change it to Ctrl+0

This seems to work for me. What OS / window manager are you using? Is it possible that the OS is handling that shortcut before RStudio gets a chance to see it?

It is a heedless server, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Rstudio server 1.3.776 the client is on chrome browser running on windows 10

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