More than 1000 lines output in R Studio console


Hi there,
I have adjusted the printed output with


and I got the whole data_frame() as output in the console, but then I can only scroll back 1000 lines in R Studio console. Is there an hint to disable this limitation?

Thanks, Michael

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Can you explain why you want all of that text in the window? It's unlikely you can process over 1000 lines of text in your mind, and even if that is your goal, it would be more straightforward to export the data to a more readable format.



Hi Nick,
you are 99% right, I agree! But sometimes it is the case that I want "to scroll" through the data (e.g. visual data check etc.). I know there are other ways to look at my data, but I do not fully understand why this 1000-line-limitation is implemented. By the way, because you mentioned "text", in my case it very often a data.frame() with let's say 10.000 lines, normally I used tibble/as_data_frame() and in 95% of the cases I am happy with the head-10-lines of the data.frame... but why isnt there a preference to put this "1000"-value higher?

But, Thanks for your answer.

See also here(1) and here(2)



The reason the console is limited to 1,000 lines is that, on most systems, RStudio's interface slows down considerably when the console grows too large. In a future version of RStudio, we hope to implement virtual scrolling for the console, so that it can grow without slowing down the interface.

In the meantime: have you tried View(as_data_frame(...))? That'll get you a nice scrollable interface to your data, and View() shows an unbounded number of rows.



Yes, thanks, I ve tried this,but the experience is an other than scrolling in the console. It would be nice to have the possibility to set an own value their (instead of 1000).



Is it in the mean time possible to set somewhere more than 1e3 lines within console output?