mouse click return "Error navigating to ......"

I installed rstudio-sever in server following offical instruction to the HOME folder of my account ( /data1/huangjf ).
I had modifier "/etc/rstudio/rserver.conf" to specific my R version "rsession-which-r=/data1/huangjf/opt/R-3.5.1/bin/R".
After that,I can successfully install packages in rstudio GUI remotely through command line.

However, while I want to use mose to click "File -> Open File ..." in the meum or click file in the lower right panel, both return "Error navigating to ~/../xxx_file: no such file or directory".
Trying to open text file will return similar error message.

If use setwd() to swith to that directory, it will be fine !
This error will appear even I gave 777 authority to the directory/file.
I had used Sys.setenv() to edit the HOME "/data1/huangjf/" to "/data1/huangjf", the error still happened.

I don't known why mouse click will add "../" in front of my file, and have no idea how to fix it.
I found @wmmurrah face the same problem, but could not find any solution as I search the commnuity. (Broken file paths in Rstudio 1.2) (The system cannot find the path specified Error and strange path in navigator)

Any one face the same problem and successfully fix it ?

I figure out the problem now.

(1) Open /etc/passwd

(2) find my account, the original is:

(3) remove "/" behind "huangjf", so it looks like:

(4) Re login SSH, problem fix.

Record 5/11/2019

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