Multiple linear regression (Bayesian)

I looking after a way to create this model in R
I mean bayesian multiple linear regression in r, with output that present comparison between models

If I'm not clear I'd love to try to explain again

Thank you

Syntax Mode

jamovi also provides an “R Syntax Mode”, in this mode, jamovi produces equivalent R code for each analysis. To change to syntax mode, select the Application menu to the top right of jamovi (a button with three dots), and check the “Syntax mode” checkbox there. It is possible to leave syntax mode by clicking this a second time.

In syntax mode, analyses continue to operate as before, but now they produce R syntax, and ‘ascii output’ like an R session. Like all results objects in jamovi, you can right click on these items (including the R syntax) and copy and paste them, for example, into an R session.

Thank you for your help, but when I tried the syntax mode I got this warning message

Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘jsq’

there is something that I can do with that?
I tried to find a package in this name but didn't succeed

Do you have jsq installed? If not, run:


this is the problem that presents in the picture

"Warning in install.packages : package ‘jsq’ is not available (for R version 3.6.2)"

Oh, well, I guess it makes sense, since jsq isn't an R package on CRAN or Bioconductor. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like jsq is a jamovi library, but I'm not sure how exactly that translates into R outside of the jamovi program. It says on the jamovi library page that:

You can download them from here and sideload them into jamovi, but its easier if you access the jamovi library from inside jamovi itself.

It also looks like the R editor inside of jamovi isn't compatible with R versions 3.5 or newer.

Rj - Editor to run R code inside jamovi
Provides an editor allowing you to enter R code, and analyse your data using R inside jamovi. Note that when using the 'System R', Rj is currently not compatible with R 3.5 or newer.

Are you asking more generally about doing Bayesian linear regression in R? If so, there's a tutorial here that uses Stan (rstan). Other popular R packages include brms, JAGS, and rstanarm (I'm sure there are more).

You might want to check out the CRAN Task View for Bayesian modeling. That has short descriptions of what various packages do, and would be a good way to find some that address what you need.

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It looks like the R package for jsq isn't ready yet.

See here.

do you familiar with any Bayesian hierarchical regression package?

You might want to look at brms.

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