Multiple manifest.json files in one directory

One scenario that seems to be coming up fairly frequently at present is the idea that our users want to have multiple "app files" in one folder.

For example

  • they might want to have both an app.R and a plumber.R in a folder
  • or they might want to have multiple RMD reports in a folder

In both of these situations the authors generally have sub folders containing functions shared between their apps/reports.

In this situation, does anyone have any ideas about how to engineer multiple manifest.json files so that multiple pieces of RStudio Connect content can be git deployed from the same folder?

Unfortunately, this kind of use case isn't currently supported in the way you describe. RStudio Connect expects a single manifest file for a given directory, and multiple manifest files in one directory is not a supported pattern.

What we typically recommend is that similar pieces of content (for example a Shiny app and a Plumber API) are both subdirectories of a project. Shared code / functions between pieces of content is best achieved by writing an R package. That package can then either be manually installed on the RStudio Connect server and identified as an external package, or it can be distributed via an internal repository, like RStudio Package Manager so that it is available to deployed content.

An example of this pattern can be seen here:


That's a really useful link for our developers, but I'm not sure it helps our more data driven users as much - the package route feels a little "heavy" for them - especially when they just want to iterate locally over different code.

I'll keep looking at it and digging around - we can't be the only people looking for a lightweight way of sharing code between markdowns (although, if we are, then maybe that suggests we are doing some other things wrong too :slight_smile:)