multiple R versions don't show

Hi there,

I am trying to install multiple versions of R and follow as well as Chapter 6 of the 'RStudio Server Pro Administrator’s Guide'.

When I open the Options pane as described in 6.3.3 I do not get the first line which allows me choose between 'R version for new session'. I also do not get the drop down menu shown in 6.4.2.

I have my default version installed in /usr/bin/R (which is found), and a second version in /opt/R/3.2.4, I also created /etc/rstudio/r-versions, adding the two R versions to this file. I also tried to add to /etc/rstudio/profiles, allowing to use r-version = /usr/bin/R and [specialuser] to use r-version = /opt/R/3.2.4. The latter doesn't show any effect. I also stopped and re-started the rstudio server.


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