Multiple Rstudio Server sessions for multiple users


My current issue is, I have RStudio Server (community) running on a single server.

As of now, I'm accessing the RStudio remotely through a web browser.

The problem is, the RStudio is running on a single port, say the default port is 8787.

So if I have another colleague who wants to use RStudio on the same server, it is not possible because only one user can access the RStudio at one time.

Currently, I'm using Rocker (RStudio Docker) to solve this problem. With Rocker, I can launch RStudio on different port and then ask different user to access RStudio from different port.

Appreciate your assistance on this query.


The open source edition of RStudio Server is limited to one session per user, not one session per server. If you create an additional user on the Linux server for your colleague, you will be able to use RStudio Server concurrently.

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Yes, I'm aware that it's limited to one session per user.

But somehow, even if another user tries to login from their own laptop (therefore own account), I'll be logged out as image shown above.

For the time being, I'm using docker to run separate RStudio session on different port. But it seems redundant and hard to manage because users may need to reinstall libraries or we need to consolidate libraries into another docker.

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