Multiple Versions of R with Rstudio Server on Linux


I am a recently-"minted" administrator for lab's Linux server, and am trying to upgrade our version of R to 3.6.2 while maintaining the old version (previously, our group would simply install the new version of R to the /usr/bin location). In addition, we have a functioning Rstudio Server, and I would like that to also utilize the new version of R. Ideally, the new version would be the default, but the old version would still be accessible.

To this point, I have tried several ideas from various blogs, especially on this website. Specifically, I have referred to this "". However, calling R and using Rstudio Server still refers to the old version because it still resides in /usr/bin/R.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

I figured it out about an hour later. The key was properly defining the /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf files.

Any thoughts on how to best make this a fairly scalable process that's easy to access for everyone would be helpful. I toyed with the idea of doing conda environments, but that would then preclude the ability to utilize different versions for Rstudio Server, so I'm not sure I want to do that.

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