Multiple windows in Shiny

Is there a way to have multiple windows opens in Shiny. Basically, say my first window has all the different apps available for the user. Based on the selection, a new window opens for that app and the user can then give inputs and run the program.

I would run them as different apps, not one giant app.

  • App #1: "index of all apps"
    • when a user clicks on an app, it opens a new tab to that app's location
  • App #k: Hopefully all apps are already running.

The index app could host all the links and then point them to the different apps. To make sure all the apps are running, it could be done with

How do I index all the apps?

Is there an example that you could share.

I am thinking on these lines. I have created my "different apps".

I would just make another app that has a hard coded list of information to produce an "index" page of your other apps. As you make more extra apps, the index page could be updated to include that information.

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how do I basically create the index page locally and link all my apps to it. I tried something locally but it does not seem to be working as expected. The index page has names of the apps. When I click the link, the corresponding app should run but nothing happens.

Am I missing something here?

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