mutate error in code

Why am I receiving this answer when trying to run my code:Warning messages:
1: Problem with mutate() input DATE.
:information_source: All formats failed to parse. No formats found.
:information_source: Input DATE is mdy(DATE).
2: All formats failed to parse. No formats found

Thanks in advance!

Post a reproducible example and maybe we might be able to tell you.

mich %>%
#convert DATE column to a date format

This is what I am trying to run and am getting that error message.

What does mich look like?

Provide an example (reprex, dput, or something else).


1 USC00018385 NA 0
2 USC00018385 NA 0
3 USC00018385 NA 0
4 USC00018385 NA 0
5 USC00018385 NA 0
6 USC00018385 NA 0
7 USC00018385 NA 0
8 USC00018385 NA 0
9 USC00018385 NA 0.01
10 USC00018385 NA 0.28

ā€¦ with 42,763 more rows

Can you provide it as a reprex or dput? Just the first few rows is fine. Read the article. It just makes it easier for other people to answer your question.

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your dates don't look like month day year values to me...
They appear to be days since jan 1st 1970 or somesuch.

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