My file won't save

For some reason I can't save my file in RStudio, the save icon is grayed out and so is the save option under "File" Can anyone tell me why?

What kind of file are you trying to save? Could you give more datail and a screenshot?

Probably it's already saved. But the question above about what kind of file is important.

I’m not sure what type of file it is, I am pretty new to this program. I just opened up RStudio and started typing in the console. Here is a picture of my screen though.

Thank you for the help!

The console is for interactive use, if you want to save your code you need to open a file (i.e. Rscript, Rmd, etc) Look this button here


Hey. You're working in the console. It's kind of an unfortunate thing that RStudio opens this way initially. If you'll click on the boxes in the upper right-hand-side of the console pane, it'll open the source pane above the console pane. That's where you should enter and run code.

I see, thanks so much!

Thank you for your help!

I've filed this at to see if we can make this somewhat more clear for new R users.

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