My First Chart Replication Using GGPLOT2

Wanted to share this result with the community - I am proud of it.

I was simply trying to replicate a slide that I put together in Excel and this took so many iterations.

Many thanks to the community and to the folks at Stackoverflow as well for offering insights and pointers.

Can't wait to replicate my entire deck and automate it with the RMarkdown ability to render to PowerPoint.

I'll share the progress....


Now that I am staring at it, I think I'd like to incorporate a digit in the 10th place, for example, instead of showing 63%, I'd like it to show 63.0%. Will need to think about that.

To make this useful for others could you post a REPRoducible EXample (reprex) of this plot you are sharing?

Yes - thanks for the reminder. Will share tomorrow.

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