My project doesn't load

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to open my project but it never load. I need it urgently but I can't find the way to solve this problem.

If you have any suggestion I will apreciate it.

Hace you tried with the new project relaunch button?

I tried what you suggested and it continue loading

I am having the same problem. I tried to relaunch, and I get this error:

Task 595499732 failed: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 595499717 error: Unhandled Exception: {"message":"error while mounting volume '/': VolumeDriver.Mount: Error mounting volume_name='volume-879986': Failed to map image='935ca5c2-ff06-425f-9118-3e13c037cb47': Error running co


It looks like the volume got stuck when the IDE moved from one host to another. I think I've unstuck it if you want to give the project another go.


Thanks. That got it sorted.

Hi, I'm having a similar problem, I've tried to relaunch the project, but it keeps telling me Awww Snap after a long wait. Project ID 269869

That sounds fairly different from the more typical issues loading projects. That message is generated by chrome often when encountering a problem executing javascript code. Is there anything that appears in the javascript console while this is happening?


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