My project don´t load

Good day, im trying to load project ( but it does not load, is part of my thesis, im really worried about this situation.

Please help me-

i had the error
rstudio-0.js:5928 6: Error occurred during transmission

the console is not loading the project
event received {message: "getState", project: null, remotes: Array(0)}

Hello Oscar,

Sorry for the delay in response! You had somehow overwritten your project.Rproj file. I've moved it out of the way, into MOVED_project.Rproj and put in place valid contents for project.Rproj

Please verify that all is well, but it should be set now!


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Good day Josh, hope you are fine.

I just verify, It open and its working correctly.

I dont understand how that happens, thanks a lot for your help.

Have a good day!

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