My rstudio cloud project crashing upon opening

Freezes every time I open my project. Is there a quick fix?

Hello, it depends on what the problem is. Can you provide a screenshot of what it looks like when it freezes (or provide some more detail on what is frozen?) Do you see the IDE normally but none of the tabs/menu items/buttons are responsive? Are there any errors?


It sounds like your project might be running out of memory, have you tried increasing the RAM allocated to this project? Have you noticed if the RAM gauge at the top of the UI moves to the red when experiencing the issue?

If increasing the memory of the application is needed, please see below:

  1. Open the project, and click on the "gear" settings button in the header.

  2. In the panel that opens, click the Resources tab.

  3. Adjust the settings, click the "Apply Changes" button, and follow the prompts to reopen your project.

More information about project resources can be found here.

Note: The container itself which includes the application along with everything the IDE requires is a maximum of the configured RAM of the project. For example, if the project is set to use 1 GB of RAM, that 1 GB is for both the application and the requirements of the IDE.

If you are on the Cloud Free/Plus plan with a max of 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU/project and are unable to upgrade to the next tier, it may be worth looking into the open-source RStudio Desktop IDE. This would allow you to use the resources of your local machine which may be beneficial.

We hope this helps!

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