My RStudio Cloud Project won't load

I am not able to load this project which I have been lately working on. It just hangs. I raised a support request as well as looked into various similar questions. Any help would be appreciated.

  • This is the only project I cant open. I can open other projects. Perhaps, that mean my quota is okay?
  • I do not have a firewall restriction. I work from home. I been working on the same network when this issue happened. Hence, I do not suspect any kind of rejections of specific IP address.
  • This issue happened while running code and I suspect this might have to do something with the execution of some piece of code rather than anything else. I see that RStudio support team resetting an rsession for some other support requests. Hoping that deleting the project and reinstating from trash would help stop the offending rsession, I tried that - without getting any luck to open this project.

Are there any other tricks I can use ?

Just to ensure its not related to quota - I removed several output files and RData from other projects that was opening for me - about 250MB data.
I am fairly certain its something that I executed that caused the hang, but I am feeling my hands are tied and have almost nothing within my control to restore status quo. Is that the case?

Hi @paintedstork! Welcome!

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with a project stuck in forever-load-land :frowning:.

As far as I understand, projects are independent of each other, with each project running in its own container (~= virtual machine), so I don’t think deleting things from other projects will help your stuck project.

My understanding is that there’s not really anything you can do right now except wait for someone from the RStudio Cloud team to have a chance to investigate. As far as I know, there aren’t any self-service options for unsticking stuck containers (I have no idea if there ever will be, either, but keep in mind this is an alpha product).

To ensure it is not connection related, I dialed this using mobile hotspot and still wont load.
To ensure this is not related to a browser or my Mac (suddenly), I connected to RStudio.Cloud directly from my mobile and opened the projects - results are same. This particular project wont load, others are loading.


From the logs it looks like the project was exceeding the memory limit on the container (which is 1GB). I have reset some of the IDE's meta data which should unlock the project if you want to try again.


Thank you very much for resetting and the diagnosis. This is resolved !

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