My RStudio RAM icon turn to red and system went to crash

Hi folk! I am using the RStudio cloud free version. And when I tried to read in 12 files, the RAM icon turned to red and system had a crash. And the RAM icon stays as red even though I cut my files to 3. Now when it read only 2 files, it will have a crash. What should I do now? Thanks

Your files simply take too much memory to load, if you have a paid account increase the RAM memory allocated for your project.

Thanks andresrcs,

I deleted all the files I uploaded before, but the RAM icon is still red.

Do you know the memory limit for FREE version? And what does RAM really mean?

I don't know if I load too much or execute too much at one time. Seems I can't use it even though I deleted the files. Thanks a lot!

The memory limit for free plans is 1GB.

RAM is a volatile but fast type of memory used to contain whatever data you are working with, this is different than storage memory that is used to simply store files.

So you need to clear objects from memory not to delete files from storage.

That's make sense. Thanks for the answer. One last silly question, do you know how to clear objects from memory? If not, thanks though. You gave me the right way to cope with it. I will search it online. Thanks

Clear your working environment

:+1: :heart: Thanks a lot!!!

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