My two biggest wishes for future Rstudio developments.

Hi Rstudio,

My two biggest wishes for future Rstudio developments.

I am a super fan of Rstudio and the tidyverse, and I use it every day. I rarely come across anything that I can't solve using these tools - They solve practically all I need for data-science. My two biggest wishes are not so much about programming but more about the quality of life changes.

  1. A better data viewer. The current data viewer is extremely slow. I work with data sets that I think are quite small compared to most other datasets (200 columns, 1000 observations), but browsing such a dataset in the built-in data viewer is almost impossible due to lag. A high-speed data browser is the only thing I miss from my Stata days.

  2. A built-in grammar checker in Rmarkdown. I really want to switch to writing articles in Rmarkdown, but as a non-native English speaker, I strongly rely on grammar checks from Word/Grammarly. Not having grammar check is the number one reason holding me back from writing more in Rmarkdown. I would gladly pay money for a built-in grammar checker. Perhaps something like an add-in from Grammarly.

If I can help or contribute in any-way towards achieving anything I will be glad to do so.

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This may or may not be done directly at some point in time, but for now you can try using spelling package - I've been using for quite some time and it works well for this purpose. Perhaps you can even create a simple plugin that will do spell-check with the click, not by running a command.

Which RStudio you are using? In 1.2.xxxx data viewer limits the view to 50 columns at a time. This should help with the speed a bit (it's still kinda slow, from my experience).

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Thank you

but for now you can try using spelling package

Thank you, but this package is only for spelling right? I was looking for grammar checks.

Which RStudio you are using?

Version 1.1.463. It's the newest version available when I check for updates. I am looking to version 1.2 then. What happens if you look at a dataframe with more than 50 columns then?


Dailies are here - They are already at 1.3.xxxx, so it looks like 1.2 will be released shortly.
You only see 50 columns at a time. If there are more columns, there is an arrow you can click and then next 50 columns will be loaded.

Yes, it's only for spelling. I'm not sure if there is anything like that for grammar.

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