native support for multi monitor (wide spectrum of features) (state your wishes here)

For user with 4 monitors, I would like to configure (permanently, for all projects) to have certain setup (e.g., one screen for code, one for viewing data.frames, one for console). Please work on that feature (or reply with what element of this is there now).

see for related info (even this functionality is part of this theme)

For example, I have to grab a corner, spread over two monitors, and drag again the dividing line to align with end of monitor one. And do it FOR EACH PROJECT :frowning:

Not an RStudio programmer & this isn't an RStudio solution, more of a way to reduce the irritation, but have you looked into keyboard shortcuts for assigning windows/programs to monitors? I have a few such things (in Linux, so chances are this doesn't apply to you) and it's made multimon organisation so much easier. Presumably you know you can pop out tabs to independent windows using the little icon near 'source on save'? The tab names bug has been patched & will be in the next Preview version, hopefully soon.

Back on shortcuts, it might even be possible to assign specifically named windows (e.g. "Console") to monitors or workspaces via your OS or a 3rd party multimon program.

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